HAIR SALON SATOSHI (hair salon SATOSHI) in Utsunomiya city,
Tochigi prefecture has opened a hair salon in this place for 25 years.
Head spa and natural medicine used from the time of opening, there are many experiences.
Hospitality with a variety of menus and the best technology.
And, according to the atmosphere of your guest, like yours that you have never met before.
We promise a suggestion of a style that draws attraction.
We waiting for those who are suffering from hair, those who want to cherish ,troubled with hairdamage or hair with habit.



All cuts include shampoo and blowdown.All prices include tax.
Stylist (St) / Top Stylist (Tst)

CUT4,320 yen (St) / 5,400 yen (Tst)
Men’s cut3,780 yen (St) / 4,320 yen (Tst)
Large / Specialty3,564 yen (St) / 4,212 yen (Tst)
Small / medium / high student3,024 yen (St) / 3,780 yen (Tst)
Infants or younger
※ No shampoo
1,944 yen (St) / 2,592 yen (Tst)


Color shampoo and blow are separate charges.

Alkali color (retouching)5,184 yen
Alkali color (whole)from 5,940 yen
Manicure5,400 yen
Henna color5,400 yen
Weaving (points)from 2,160 yen
Weaving (whole)6,480 yen
Highlights / Lowlights (points)from 2,160 yen


Prices may change slightly depending on length & style.
It is all cut & shampoo & blowdown included.
We have a school discount.

Standard perm9,720 yen
Damage-less style perm10,800 yen – 12,960 yen

STRAIGHT PERM / Straightening

SATOSHI is hair straightening repair certified shop.
The above rates are subject to some price changes
depending on the length ・ hair condition.
For details please consult the staff. There are student discounts as well.

Short (to the top of the shoulder)17,280 yen
Medium (down to the shoulder up to 10 cm)18,360 yen
Long (shoulder below 10 cm to 20 cm)19,440 yen – 21,600 yen
Ultra long (over 20 cm shoulder)21,600 yen – 27,000 yen

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ADDRESS〒320-0032 2-2-14 Showa Utsunomiya-shi,
Tochigi ken [MAP]
Opening hours9: 00 ~
Closed holidayEvery Tuesday ・ 3rd Wednesday (with 2nd Wednes)
※2 times on consecutive holidays
RepresentativeSatoshi Fukuda
Parking lot9 cars


BY Bus

From JR Utsunomiya station via the Kanto bus “NISIHANAWADA – TOMATURI”
Get off at KENCHONISHIMON bus stop, 2 minutes on foot from there.
※From the bus going through the main street(OODOORI), the bus stop name gets off “KENCHOMAE” and it is a 10 minute walk.


15 minutes on foot from Tobu Utsunomiya Station 3 minutes on foot from Tochigi prefectural government office.


From JR Utsunomiya Station by Taxi. Utsunomiya Tax Office 10 minutes. 1 minute walk from there.